About Audiokinetic

Built on innovative technology and years of industry experience, Audiokinetic sets a new standard in interactive audio production for the gaming and media industry. We are committed to sharing our expertise—including ground-breaking technology, unsurpassed services, and a revolutionary workflow—with the industry.

Since introducing Wwise, Audiokinetic has continued to advance traditional audio and sound engine development by offering an integrated approach to interactive audio production. Our products, including Wwise® and SoundSeed®, give sound designers and audio programmers the most comprehensive audio solution for creating truly sophisticated audio.

Our Mission

To build cutting-edge interactive audio solutions that inspire people to create products which take the immersive experience of audio to new heights.

Our History

Audiokinetic was founded in 2000 by Martin H. Klein. Klein, working with a group of dedicated veterans and experts from the music, film, and gaming industries, set out to develop Wwise®, the integrated audio authoring middleware. Their goal was to help audio programmers and sound designers provide truly immersive gaming experiences.

Wwise features a revolutionary workflow and puts increased power in the hands of audio creators. After its launch in 2006, Wwise quickly became the industry standard and, with it, Audiokinetic established itself as a leader in innovation and technology solutions for the interactive media and gaming industries.

Building on their success, Audiokinetic introduced other innovative solutions, including SoundSeed and Wwise Motion. Now, with a full line of revolutionary tools, Audiokinetic is the only company to offer game developers a complete audio pipeline solution.

Our Philosophy

We believe that, by supporting active participation throughout the company, we will advance Audiokinetic’s core values of integrity, intellectual rigor, adaptability and innovation.

Audiokinetic was founded by innovators and educators in audio production. From the beginning, our work has been guided by determination and strategic execution, a belief in our ability to produce technological excellence, and an understanding that, by acting as a cohesive group, we can transform the gaming industry. These founding principles continue to direct every aspect of our work today.

Our Commitment

At Audiokinetic, we are committed to helping our customers create truly sophisticated audio for games and interactive media. Through continued product innovation and unparalleled customer service, we will help you focus on delivering great audio content. Wwise can increase your development efficiency and productivity without compromising your creative vision, and our support team will ensure that you get the most from our audio authoring tools. We have developed a complete solution that has revolutionized the traditional audio development process, and we will continue to challenge the boundaries of content creation to keep you ahead of the curve.