Here are some recent games using Wwise!

    Customer Profiles

    Our customer profiles give you a taste of what users are able to create using our solutions. With Wwise and other tools from Audiokinetic, our customers are able to quickly and easily create truly immersive game audio.

    Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast

    Interview with Double Stallion and Vibe Avenue

    Interview with N-Fusion Interactive

    Joe Parisi

    Interview with Sleeping Dogs

    Saki Kaskas, Scott Peters and Jon Mitchell


    Technical report on Wwise, the audio authoring middleware

    Interview with Pedro Macedo Camacho

    Interview with Playdead - LIMBO

    Dragons Talk: Larian Studios Employs Wwise for their Major Release

    by Alexandra Pasian

    Increased Creativity With Wwise

    by Alexandra Pasian

    Sophisticated Audio -- Part of a Whole New Art Form

    by Alexandra Pasian

    Larian Studios selects Wwise for the Future

    by Alexandra Pasian

    Wwise Convinces Audio Programmers

    by Alexandra Pasian

    Education for the Future of Audio Production for Games

    by Alexandra Pasian

    FASA Studio Selects Wwise to Create Next-Gen Audio for Shadowrun

    by Alexandra Pasian