Lesson 1

Table of Contents

Play the Game!

Now it’s time to see the result of your work in the actual game. To hear the changes you’ve made, you’ll need to re-launch Cube, so you must first quit the currently running game.

  1. Return to Cube, press the Esc key and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select quit, and press Enter.

  2. Open Cube once again.

    This time the game will open with the SoundBank you just generated.

  3. Click to throw the ice gem.

    You now hear the ice gem sound play within Cube.

    Congratulations! If you can implement one sound into a game with Wwise, you'll have no problem implementing hundreds, or even thousands! There is certainly much to learn, but you now know the fundamentals of how an event is connected to a sound, and how a SoundBank builds the code to make it work within the game. Even better, you applied those fundamentals and heard the results for yourself. In the next lesson, you'll learn how to get a lot more sound out of that ice gem event you just built!