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Getting started

Table of Contents

Installing the Wwise-201 Course Project Files

With the latest version of Wwise installed, you’re now ready to download and install the project files and music assets you’ll use with the Wwise-201 Certification course.

  1. Download the file at

    You need to extract the downloaded ZIP file to the Cube folder found within the Wwise application folder you just installed in the last exercise. The default locations for the Cube folder are:

    • On Windows: Program Files (x86)/Audiokinetic/Wwise 20xx.x.x.xxxx/Cube

    • On Mac: Applications/Wwise 20xx.x.x.xxxx /Cube

  2. Extract and move the new Wwise-201 folder to the Cube folder within the Wwise xxxx.x.x.xxxx folder.

  3. Open the Wwise-201 folder to reveal its contents.

    Within the Wwise-201 folder you’ll see a Cube Music folder containing the musical assets made available by the composer as a separate lesson folder. It contains the Wwise project for each of the 8 lessons you’ll be working through. You’re now ready to begin with Lesson 1!