Getting started

Table of Contents

Installing Wwise

For Wwise-251, you will need to install Wwise 2017.2.2 with the Convolution Reverb and SoundSeed plug-ins.


It is not advised to download a newer version of Wwise for this Certification, as the course material is designed with this version in mind.

  1. Open the Wwise Launcher to the Wwise tab.

  2. From the Install New Version section, select Wwise 2017.2.2 from the versions list.

  3. Click Install…. You are brought to the Packages selection page.

  4. From the Packages list, select Authoring to have the Wwise Authoring Tool. This is the only required package for Wwise-251.

  5. Click Next. You are brought to the CHOOSE PLUG-INS page.

  6. Enable Wwise Convolution and Wwise SoundSeed Air, Wwise SoundSeed Impact.

  7. Click Install.