Getting started

Table of Contents

Installing the Wwise Adventure Game

Throughout the certification, you will be working entirely in the Wwise Adventure Game sample, which is available from the Wwise Launcher.


Before proceeding, please make sure you have successfully installed the Wwise Launcher, Wwise, and Unity.

  1. From within the Wwise Launcher, go to the Samples tab and select Wwise Adventure Game



  2. Under INSTALL NEW VERSION, select All > 2019.1 > 2019.1.11 and then click Install….

    You should now see a green certification-ready tag.

  3. In the newly prompted page, select your packages:

    • Wwise Project: The WAG Wwise Project cannot be disabled, and is therefore always included in the Wwise Adventure Game installation. However, this Wwise Project will be the final version, meaning all certificate exercises and optimizations will already have been performed. For this certification, we will be using the Wwise-301 project included in the as described in the section titled Installing the Wwise-301 Course Project Files.

    • Wwise Adventure Game: Installs WAG as a precompiled, standalone program for Mac and Windows that works with the Wwise-301 project using the Remote Connection feature.

    • Unity source project: Installs WAG as a Unity source project. As with the standalone installation, the certification project offers real-time tweaking and mixing while connected to the game.

  4. Click Install.




    If you do not have the required Unity version, the Open in Unity button will be unavailable. Remedy this by installing the needed version.