Getting started

Table of Contents

Opening the WAG Unity project

To run the uncompiled Wwise Adventure Game:

  1. From within the Wwise Launcher, go to the Samples tab and select Wwise Adventure Game.

  2. Go to your installed version of WAG and click Open in Unity.

    Note, if you do not have the required Unity version (2018.4.32f1), the Open in Unity button will be unavailable. Remedy this by installing the needed version.


    Should Unity ask you whether to update to a newer Unity version, make sure to skip it.

  3. Please wait for Unity to open and load the WAG project.

  4. Within Unity, press Play in the Viewport.


    When entering playmode, your mouse will hide and if the 'Maximize on play' toggle is selected in the Game view, the Game view will maximize and hide the rest of the Unity views. To exit playmode, simply press ESC and press the play button again.

When opening your WAG Unity project for the first time, Unity will need a moment to prepare the content for the editor.