Getting started

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This certification covers advanced methods and optimizations in Wwise, extending beyond the general usage of Wwise. As such, you're expected to have knowledge about Wwise beforehand, either from previous certifications (101, 201, or 251) or direct work experience.

You’ll not be expected to have previous experience with the Wwise Unity Integration, as this certification will mainly focus on optimizations in Wwise. You’ll be asked to peak into the Unity game engine, but have no fear, all Unity related steps will be very explicit and assume you’ve never been exposed to Unity before.

To use Unity (the game engine shown in the image above), you’ll go through a few steps that’ll give you a basic understanding, so you’ll be able to navigate within the WAG Unity project. We’ll help you out with references to online resources to learn more about Unity. Be aware that the WAG game project is slightly customized, having features that’ll not be in Unity by default. Customized features, like the Wwise Picker, Audiokinetic toolbar, and so on, will be described in the following sections.

Before starting the certification lessons, be sure to:

  • Obtain a Wwise License (more on that below in Getting the 251 Course License).

  • Set up a Windows or Mac computer with:

    • Headphones or speakers

    • A network connection (required for software downloads).

  • Install the Unity Editor.


    The Wwise Adventure Game Unity project is built and saved using Unity version 2018.4.32f1. That version is your best bet in following the certification course. Consequently, in this certification course 'Unity' refers to Unity 2018.4.32f1. Nevertheless, as that version is LTS (Long Term Support), any version of 2018.4.x should be compatible.

  • Install the Wwise Launcher to:

    • Install Wwise.


      The Wwise Adventure Game Wwise project was built and saved using Wwise version 2019.1.4. This version of the integration is recommended and guaranteed to work with current and newer minor versions of Wwise, such as 2019.1.11. As such, "Wwise" refers to Wwise 2019.1.11 throughout this certification.

    • Install the Wwise Adventure Game, including:

      • The WAG Wwise project;

      • The WAG standalone version; and

      • The WAG Unity project.


      Be aware that the game is optimized for computers with decent graphic performance. Low-end devices may suffer from low frame rate, especially when working in Unity. See the minimum requirements section on the Unity website for more information about computer hardware specifications.