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Wwise-251 Certification Course

Table of Contents

Wwise-251 Certification Course

7 Lessons, 7 Quizzes, 1 Exam

Wwise 2017.2.2

Revision 573

Our seven lessons cover all you need to get your Wwise-251 certification. We’re also providing you with seven quizzes to test your knowledge prior to taking the exam. Although these quizzes are optional, we highly recommend that you complete them so that you are well prepared. Best of luck from the Audiokinetic team!

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Table of Contents

Installation of Wwise
Why Optimization?
Wwise-251 Certification
Wwise Adventure Game
User Guide
Hardware specifications
Getting up to Speed!
Getting the 251 Course License
Installing Unity
Installing the Wwise Launcher
Installing Wwise
Installing the Wwise Adventure Game
Installing the Wwise-251 Course Project Files
Opening the WAG Unity project
Wwise in Unity
Applying the Wwise-251 License to Your Project
Certification Runtime Performance
Lesson 1: Understanding Resource Usage
Understanding Resource Usage
SoundBank Principles
Separating Audio Content Into Multiple SoundBanks
Wwise Optimization Resources
The Profiler Layout
Understanding the Profiler
Resource Monitoring
Lesson 2: Conversion and Compression
Understanding Audio File Conversion
Conversion Settings
Comparing Original and Converted Audio Files
Sample Rate Conversion
Conversion Settings ShareSets in Schematic View
Audio File Compression
High Fidelity Audio
Audio Channels
Optimal Conversion
Lesson 3: Voice Management
Voice Management
Understanding Voices
Understanding Virtual Voice
Platform Voice Instance Limits and Volume Thresholds
Virtual Voice Behaviors
Prioritizing Audio Content
Voice Limits
Continue to Play
Level of Detail
Blending Waterfall
Switching Volcanic Boulder Sounds
Video Tutorial
Verify Your Virtual Voices
Evaluating Your Virtual Voice Behaviors
Lesson 4: Effects
Using Effects
Understanding Effect Placement
Video Tutorial
Effect Channels and Instances
Bypassing Effects
Rendered Effects
Video Tutorial
Real-time Effects
Wwise Matrix Reverb
Wwise RoomVerb
Wwise Convolution Reverb
Optimizing Effects
Lesson 5: Platform Management
Platform Management
Designing for multiple platforms
Adding Platforms
Video Tutorial
Copying Platform Settings
Platform-Specific Management
Linking and Unlinking
Property Field Exclusion
Platform Exclusion
Audio Sources
SoundBank Limits
Optimizing Music
Wwise Adventure Music
General Optimization of Layers
Platform Modes
Platform Structure
Lesson 6: SoundBank Granularity
SoundBank Granularity
Multiple SoundBanks
Memory Usage
Splitting SoundBanks
SoundBank Optimizations
Lesson 7: Runtime Management
Runtime Memory
Memory Pools
Memory Cutoff Threshold
Using Memory Pools
Wwise-251 Certification Accomplished!
Advanced Optimization and Development for Mobile Devices
Future Work Using WAG
Further Learning Resources