Getting started

Table of Contents

Opening the Wwise Adventure Game

To run the uncompiled Wwise Adventure Game:

  1. From within the Wwise Launcher, go to the Samples tab and select Wwise Adventure Game

  2. Go to your installed version of WAG and click Open in Unity.


    If you do not have the required Unity version (2018.4.32f1), the Open in Unity button will be unavailable. Remedy this by installing the needed version.

  3. Please wait for Unity to open and load the WAG project. When opening your WAG Unity project for the first time, Unity will need a moment to prepare the content for the editor.

    Once loaded, Unity will automatically show you an untitled Scene, which does not include the Wwise Adventure Game content. To load the game in its final state, you will have to load the 'Main Scene' which can be found in the Audiokinetic menu.

  4. In the Unity menu, go to Audiokinetic > Game Scenes and select Main.

    You will now have the Main Scene loaded in the Unity Editor. We highly recommend that you do a complete playthrough of the game before entering the lessons, as this will get you familiar with the soundscape and mechanics of the game.


    The 'Main' Scene is the primary game Scene, including all quests, environment graphics, and much more. Even more importantly, the 'Main' Scene will take care of loading different regions in the game, like the Dungeon or Cave.

  5. Within Unity, click Play in the Viewport.

    After having completed the game, you can exit Play mode by disabling the Play button you started the game with.

  6. Press ESC to open the WAG menu and click Play again to exit Play mode.

In the Wwise Adventure Game the final and complete Scene is the Main Scene, but there are many more Scenes you can access and throughout this certification you will be asked to open a new Scene for each exercise step sequence. Each certification Scene has been meticulously adapted to what you will be asked to do by removing distractions like music when you are suppose to listen for a certain sound.