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Lesson 8

Table of Contents

Synchronizing Music Systems

Both the enemy and region theme have been composed with the same tempo and key to ensure that they are rhythmically and harmonically compatible. In the Wwise Adventure Game Wwise Project, each system has its own Event so that they can be used individually.

To ensure that these two systems are kept in sync despite being on two different game objects, a system was designed to let one music system (the region theme) drive another (the enemy theme played as one-shot). This would ensure that the themes would play in harmony, no matter what game object the music themes were to be played on. Even if the region theme were to be paused and resumed later, the enemy theme would simply be reactivated by the region theme. To construct such a system in the Wwise Adventure Game, you need to set up Callback notifications, making the region theme tell a script in Unity when to post the enemy theme. Within each Music_Regions Music Segment, you will need to place a Custom Cue called 'Enemy'.

Whenever this Custom Cue is reached, a callback function is called in Unity, which posts the Music_Enemy Event. In other words, a Custom Cue is used to post the Music_Enemy Event through callbacks, and this process repeats for every Music_Regions Music Segment.


Custom Cues have been inserted into each Music Segment to make it possible to include the Pre-entry of the enemy themes.