Wwise Automotive® is the most comprehensive, cross-platform, data-driven, interactive audio solution. It features an optimized run-time sound engine and an audio authoring application designed to create and manage customized in-car audio experiences. Its data-driven interactive sound engine, running as a service on embedded targets, increases efficiency with faster iteration cycles and enables OEMs and their providers to create unique sound signatures, customized for each vehicle.   Read more...

Wwise Automotive sets new standards for in-car interactive audio by streamlining the workflow related to creating, managing and customizing the sound design, unifying the overall user-experience (HMI), and providing end-users with innovative audio features for entertainment systems (IVI). Its sophisticated authoring, profiling, and real-time editing tools increase productivity and creativity, while saving automotive audio engineers time and money across the automotive audio production pipeline. From concept prototyping and demoing, through to development, production, and aftermarket, Wwise Automotive allows for reuse of design work across platforms, facilitating a unified pipeline with efficient transitions between product stages.

Wwise Automotive features advanced audio mixing to provide seamless integration and prioritization of multiple audio streams for enhanced listening experiences. Its comprehensive sound design capabilities and 3D sound spatialization algorithms allow audio designers to easily create informative auditory cues, which can adapt to the real-time information provided by the embedded systems and enable useful guidance or safety applications with systems such as ADAS and AVAS. Wwise Automotive simplifies deployment of advanced audio DSP technologies and enables an ecosystem of audio technologies through an easily extendable architecture, providing benefits across the entire automotive supply chain.

Comprehensive Automotive Audio Solution

Interactive Sound Generation

  • Customization
  • Asset management
  • Auditory displays (ADAS)
  • Localization

Audio Sound Management

  • Powerful mixing and priorities
  • Multi-zone configurations
  • 3D sound spatialization
  • Custom loudspeaker configurations

Partner Ecosystem

  • Internal IP or 3rd-party integration
  • Easy deployment
  • Innovative audio DSP portfolio

Key features

  • Comprehensive interactive sound design for HMI, safety, guidance, and infotainment systems
  • 3D sound spatialization on any loudspeaker setup adapted to automotive acoustics
  • Plug-in architecture for easy integration of advanced audio signal processing technologies
  • Advanced audio mixing engine allowing seamless integration of multiple audio streams
  • Real-time authoring and profiling connected to embedded platform

Key Benefits for the Automotive Audio Ecosystem


  • Enhances and personalizes audio experience
  • Enables safer driving
  • Allows for a more immersive and cohesive integration of audio technology

Car manufacturer

  • Delivers faster time-to-market
  • Generates aftermarket revenue streams (content and features)
  • Reduces hardware costs by leveraging existing silicon
  • Allows audio brand differentiation

IVI provider

  • Offers complete portfolio of interactive audio technologies
  • Reduces audio integration requirements
  • Allows for faster iteration cycles and reduces development costs

Audio IP vendors

  • Focuses on IP instead of integration
  • Opens new markets for existing technology
  • Allows hardware agnostic development and testing

Automotive Solution Overview

Unified pipeline from concept to aftermarket

Reduce time to market with efficient transitions between product stages, and take control of your audio brand signature.

Partner Ecosystem

Framework Integrations



Training and Certification

Interactive Sound Design

Product Integration

Custom Platform Support and Development