Audiokinetic has been leading and setting the standard in interactive audio solutions for over 10 years. With an increasing demand for interactive high quality immersive audio for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), the Wwise technology meets critical industry audio requirements and caters to its specific needs. Wwise enables and propels the creation of unprecedented, immersive experiences. As the leading interactive audio solution and global industry standard, the best LBE projects use Wwise.

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Jurassic World: VR Expedition, an interactive cinematic virtual reality (VR) location-based experience, transports players to the visually stunning jungles of Isla Nublar. Players engage in an epic rescue adventure inspired by the Jurassic World film series. More than 100 Dave & Buster's entertainment centers have installed the Jurassic World VR Expedition, making it the biggest location-based VR launch to date!

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Audiokinetic Plug-ins tailored for LBE projects

Wwise ASIO plug-in uses the Steinberg Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) SDK in order to connect to ASIO compatible devices. This can be especially useful for location-based entertainment.

Wwise Channel Router is a free mixer plug-in that allows to route and mix audio to specific target channels. This is especially useful when dealing with multiple outputs or non-standard configurations which require many channels or unconventional speaker placement. It can be used with any audio device, and can be advantageous to developers using ASIO devices for location-based entertainment or installation projects.

Available from Wwise 2018.1.4. To install an Additional Plug-in, select the PLUG-INS tab within the Wwise Launcher, select your Wwise Version, then click on Add Plug-ins.