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By default, Wwise is set to be in Non-Commercial Evaluation mode.
This version is limited to 200 sound files in the Wwise SoundBanks, and is strictly for non-commercial use.

If you are planning on releasing your game or project commercially, you will need one of the following:

For more information on licensing, please visit the Wwise Licensing FAQ and for more information on pricing, please visit our Licensing Pricing page.

Create a project with a free Wwise Limited Commercial license.

Supported Platforms

Platforms Wwise Authoring Application Wwise SDK Unity Unreal Engine 3 Unreal Engine 4
XP/Vista/7/8 Certified Epic developers only Certified Epic developers only

The following requires a Certified Developer status confirmation. Contact Sales to request an evaluation trial.

Wwise Authoring and SDK


Note: The Wwise authoring application is Windows-based only (32 and 64 bits).

Wwise Integration

Unity Integration
for Unity 4.x

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