The Wwise SDK contains several samples with source code.

  • Sample Effect and Source Plug-ins: Sine Generator, Tone Generator, Audio Input plug-in, and Delay Effect. These are more than just samples, they are the actual plug-ins that are part of the Wwise authoring application and SDK.
  • Integration Demo: The Wwise Integration Demo is an application that contains samples demonstrating how you can integrate the Wwise sound engine and its various features and concepts into game engines.
  • Sound Engine Sample DLL: This sample explains how to wrap the sound engine inside a DLL to be used by your Windows-based game.
  • Default Low-Level I/O and File Packager Implementation: The full source code of the default low-level I/O and File Packager that are provided with Wwise. You can use this to customize how the Streaming Manager will deal with files and/or how data files get packaged into bigger binary files.
  • SoundFrame Samples: Car Simulator and SFTest provide examples of the SoundFrame API.
  • Source Control Plug-ins: These are the sources for the Perforce and Subversion plug-ins, as well as a more basic sample plug-in that can be used to write your own source control plug-in.

Samples can be installed from the Wwise launcher.

Download Wwise Launcher Open Wwise launcher

The Wwise SDK Installation Steps