EVE Online to be developed with Wwise

Audiokinetic seals deal to provide audio solution for CCP

Montreal, Canada. – March 17, 2009 – Audiokinetic Inc., the leading audio solution provider for the video game industry, announced today that its audio pipeline solution, Wwise®, will be used in the development of EVE Online, the critically-acclaimed massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) developed by the award-winning virtual world developer CCP.

EVE Online is a science fiction-based MMOG in which over a quarter of a million players inhabit a vast, persistent world as starship pilots in pursuit of fame, wealth and glory. First launched in 2003, the latest free expansion, EVE Online: Apocrypha, was released on March 10, 2009. Noted for its fervent use of cutting edge technology, CCP’s server architecture makes large-scale fleet battles a reality, with upwards of one thousand participants engaged in epic conflicts for control of resources and strategic regions of space.

Sound plays an important role in the immersion factor for these intergalactic gladiators. There were numerous advantages to having Wwise tools available to the CCP Audio team during the development phase for Apocrypha as described by Audio Director Baldur Baldursson.

“Ease of use was one of the key factors in our decision to choose Audiokinetic over other middleware solutions we tested,” said Baldursson. “Audiokinetic seems very serious in creating powerful tools that actually work for sound designers and musicians. We were able to focus on designing the sounds themselves instead of having to worry about technology issues – and integrating the actual sounds was fun.”

Integrating a new solution in an existing development pipeline may seem challenging. But the integration of Wwise and its learning have proved very rapid and straightforward, and Audiokinetic provided red-carpet support anytime CPP needed help or advice.
“Integration was relatively seamless and we were up-and-running rapidly, which was an absolute necessity given our ambitious production schedule and demand for excellence,” said Baldursson. “Wwise is very comprehensive, but still intuitive and easy to learn. We’re looking forward to digging in deeper to make use of Wwise’s interactive music tools and plug-in technology. ”

Audiokinetic carries on with its fast progression on the audio middleware market, convincing a growing number of studios in Europe and over the world. “We’ve never been shy about the fact that we want to become the leader of the industry,” commented André Nadeau, President and CEO, Audiokinetic. “We’re thrilled to see that more and more developers like CCP understand that Wwise has a lot more to offer than the competition.”

About Audiokinetic
Audiokinetic provides powerful and flexible audio solutions for the video game industry. Wwise, our award winning, audio pipeline solution, is setting new standards in audio production. This cost-efficient middleware increases productivity and simplifies the development process, giving game developers the flexibility, toolsets, and workflow necessary to dramatically advance the gaming experience.

Audiokinetic is headquartered in Montreal, QC, Canada. http://www.audiokinetic.com/.

About CCP
CCP is widely recognized as an industry-leading pioneer of the single-server persistent universe architecture, and is the developer and publisher of EVE Online, the critically-acclaimed, science fiction-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). Utilizing a cross-discipline approach combining cutting-edge technology and artistic excellence, CCP is dedicated to providing vibrant, compelling products that transcend the boundaries of conventional MMOGs and facilitate social networking through virtual worlds. Privately held and founded in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1997, CCP’s international reach now spans the globe with offices in Atlanta and Shanghai as well as a base of operations in London. More information about CCP is available at the company’s website, http://www.ccpgames.com/.

About EVE Online
Set tens of thousands of years in the future, EVE Online is a breathtaking journey to the stars, to an immersive experience filled with adventure, riches, danger and glory. With over a quarter of a million subscribers worldwide inhabiting the same virtual universe, EVE features a vast player-run economy where your greatest asset is the starship, designed to accommodate your specific needs, skills and ambitions. EVE offers professions ranging from commodities trader to mercenary, industrial entrepreneur to pirate, mining engineer to battle fleet commander or any combination of these and much more. From brokering business deals to waging war, you will have access to a diverse array of sophisticated tools and interfaces to forge your own destiny in EVE. Learn more and sign up for a free trial at http://www.eveonline.com/.