Wwise 2009.2 and SoundSeed Air are released

Available for immediate download

New features in Wwise include:

  • Mac Support
  • Wwise UI: 64 bit Support
  • Vorbis: 30% faster on PS3
  • Source Plug-ins on SPUs

SoundSeed Air includes 2 new plug-ins for Wwise:

  • SoundSeed Wind creates seamlessly looping exterior ambiences, aircraft engines and other air displacement based special effects.
  • SoundSeed Woosh creates close combat swooshes, bullet fly-byes and other motion sounds.

Wwise 2009.2, SoundSeed Impact and SoundSeed Air are available for immediate trial*

* Please note that the SoundSeed Impact and SoundSeed Air plug-ins are part of the Wwise installation (private and public download). The SoundSeed Impact Modeler is available to registered users only.