Audiokinetic and Dolby bring Dolby Atmos developer tools to Wwise

Audiokinetic and Dolby announced today that they are working to create a deeper integration of Dolby Atmos into the Wwise pipeline, making workflows easier for developers to add new dimensions to their game. Together, we will continue to focus on bringing developers a standardized way to produce and deliver spatial interactive audio content for games that is adaptive across devices and platforms. Audiokinetic brings with Wwise the methodology and toolsets for producing and integrating object-based audio, and Dolby, with Dolby Atmos, brings a standardized playback environment that best leverages such audio for the delight of the end users. The Dolby Atmos mobile plug-in for use with Wwise, previously only available in closed beta, is now available to all developers.

“Developers that are implementing spatial audio are instantly reaping rewards from augmenting the sense of presence and achieving dramatic increase in player engagement. With Wwise’s native support for object-based audio, we are enabling game developers to produce their audio content in a way that maximizes the directionality of the sound emitters which greatly enhance the game experience, especially when delivered in Dolby Atmos.” said Simon Ashby, Head of Product at Audiokinetic.

“Dolby Atmos and Audiokinetic’s Wwise are both important tools in creating these experiences. We are working together to make it easier for game developers to create the experiences they envision and deliver those experiences to players at the highest quality with the least effort.” Michael Hunley, Senior Director, Games for Dolby added.

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About Dolby Atmos Gaming

Dolby Atmos puts players into the world you work to build. By bringing height and incomparable dynamic range into the mix, your game’s audio becomes more immersive than ever before. You are now only limited by your creativity.

About Audiokinetic

Audiokinetic is the leading provider of cross-platform audio solutions for interactive media and gaming, and sets new standards in interactive audio production for location-based entertainment, automotive, consumer electronics, and training simulation. A trusted and strategic partner to the world’s largest interactive media developers and OEMs, Audiokinetic has a long-established ecosystem of allies within the audio industry and amongst platform manufacturers. The company’s middleware solutions include the award-winning Wwise® and SoundSeed®, as well as Wwise Automotive™ and Strata™. Audiokinetic, a Sony Group Company, is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada, has subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China, as well as Product Experts in Europe and the USA.

About Wwise

Wwise® is the trusted gold standard for cross-platform interactive and spatial audio development. Featuring a run-time sound engine and audio authoring application, Wwise is the most comprehensive audio middleware solution for developers looking to achieve truly immersive experiences. Designed for effortless integration with game engines, Wwise simplifies the work of programmers, empowers sound designers to achieve their creative vision, and increases the team’s overall productivity.

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