Audiokinetic Inc. forges unique global pact with Auro Technologies for Auro-3D® as a premium 3D audio solution

The move to integrate the Auro-3D® Technology Suite into Wwise® marks the most innovative immersive audio solution in interactive media and gaming

MOL BELGIUM, MONTREAL CANADA – August 19, 2013 - Audiokinetic Inc., the leading global provider of cross-platform audio solutions for the interactive media and gaming industries, today announced it selected Auro Technologies’ Auro-3D® technology suite to deploy its immersive interactive media and gaming sound product, AuroWwise. Audiokinetic’s decision demonstrates its unwavering support of Auro-3D® as the de facto cinema standard, and will also provide the highest quality immersive 3D audio experience possible, now and moving forward. Its commitment to integrate Auro-3D® into Wwise® will help drive adoption of the immersive multi-channel 3D audio format to playing back immersive 3D sound in interactive media and gaming. Audiokinetic and Auro Technologies efforts will allow game developers to now use a single set of tools to create multiple output formats of the same game at the same time. The AuroWwise suite supports immersive 3D sound for interactive media and games, all while preserving functionality according to the tried-and-trusted workflow of Wwise®.

Audiokinetic’s immersive cross-platform audio solution a true differentiator

Audiokinetic has succeeded in providing game developers with a superior development platform and experience, which has become the standard in the interactive media and gaming market.

Immersive multi-channel 3D audio was the logical next step for Audiokinetic in creating the ultimate gaming experience. “Auro-3D® provides an excellent complement to Wwise® by offering a truly unique immersive experience, as well as backward and forward compatibility with existing audio systems. Another critical element was the ease and economy regarding both implementation and operation,” says Martin H. Klein, Founder and CEO at Audiokinetic. “I was blown away by the Auro-3D® cinema audio experience, and we are very proud to continue our commitment to game audio innovation and we look forward to hearing new revolutionary sound design from our Wwise® user community in new upcoming game titles." says Jacques Deveau, VP Sales & Business at Audiokinetic.

"The interactive media and gaming community has always been important to Auro Technologies.", says Wilfried Van Baelen, Founder and CEO at Auro Technologies. "By partnering with Audiokinetic, we are very pleased to make the revolutionary Auro-3D® technology and capabilities available to the Wwise® community. We are proud to help contribute to bringing true 3D sound into interactive media and gaming." says Van Baelen.

Game developers benefit from platform flexibility

AuroWwise offers content creators total freedom with regards to immersive sound development. The Auro-3D® suite from Auro Technologies provides the authoring capabilities for game developers to create 3D sound for multiple console playback systems.

A compelling experience

“We are incredibly excited to bring these two revolutionary technologies to our customers,” Klein and Van Baelen commented. ”After all, they put their trust in Audiokinetic and Auro Technologies to deliver the most compelling, new immersive audio experience possible. This will finally put the gamer in the middle of a life-like sound environment in 3D, fully immersed into the game action on screen. We believe the coming era will truly be remarkable for our Wwise community and for gamers. We look forward to offering the most compelling immersive experience available to game developers and gamers around the world.”

This latest partnership with Audiokinetic makes Auro-3D® the worldwide market leader in immersive 3D audio systems for the interactive media and gaming industry.

About Audiokinetic

Audiokinetic sets new standards in audio production for interactive media and games. Our middleware solutions, including the award-winning Wwise® and SoundSeed®, empower sound designers and audio programmers with a cost effective, comprehensive authoring tool and audio engine for creating innovative game experiences. Audiokinetic is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada and has an office in Tokyo, Japan.

About Wwise

Wwise® is the most comprehensive audio middleware solution. It features a tight integration of Audiokinetic’s advanced audio authoring tool and robust sound engine. Working with Wwise increases productivity and creativity while saving game developers time and money across the audio production of any game title.

About Auro Technologies

Auro Technologies (; is a spin-off of the Galaxy Studios Group and owner of the Auro-3D® Technology Suite. The Auro-3D® Concept and Listening Formats are designed by Wilfried Van Baelen, founder and CEO of Galaxy Studios and Auro Technologies. Galaxy Studios is renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art leadership in audio innovation for music and sound for film. The Auro-3D® suite offers groundbreaking, easy-to-use and unprecedented levels of sound reproduction capabilities to the professional, automotive, broadcast and consumer electronics (such as gaming, smartphones, multimedia PC, notebooks, tablets, audio players, digital TV, media libraries and packaged media) markets.

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