Audiokinetic launches Mastering Suite, a cross-platform audio solutions technology available for free to developers using Wwise

Mastering Suite supports next-generation gaming consoles

Montréal, Canada – July 16th, 2020 – Audiokinetic, Inc., the leading global provider of cross-platform audio solutions for the interactive media and gaming industries, today announced the release of the Mastering Suite in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). This new set of audio tools is available for free to all developers using Wwise®, and is compatible with all platforms supported in Wwise, including PlayStation, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, Android, and Google.

“This release is especially exciting because the Mastering Suite is our first intercompany collaboration since Audiokinetic’s acquisition by SIE in January 2019. It is a testament to our commitment and promise to our partners and community following the acquisition, to continue to bring the most innovative audio technology to the industry while maintaining platform neutrality,” said Martin H. Klein, Audiokinetic CEO. “The release of the Mastering Suite represents a stepping stone towards future collaborations leveraging the Sony ecosystem with Audiokinetic towards continued advancements in audio technology that benefit the industry at large.”

Available for free to developers using Wwise worldwide, the Mastering Suite provides developers working on next-generation platforms with outstanding support for next-generation 3D audio and empowers audio teams from indies to AAA studios, to render titles cross-platform while ensuring an optimal audio experience for end-users on any speaker configuration, system or headphones.

The technology behind the Mastering Suite was first made available on PlayStation®4 as part of an initiative to standardize loudness in games. Now integrated as a plug-in in Wwise with the release of Wwise 2019.2.4, the collaboration between the Audiokinetic and SIE teams allows developers to leverage this technology cross-platform.

“We’re excited about the release of Mastering Suite because it provides sound designers with the tools needed to increase the quality of interactive audio, while showcasing the strength of the collaboration between SIE and Audiokinetic,” said Danjeli Schembri, Audio Team Lead at SIE. “We look forward to continuing our work together to assist audio teams around the world that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with game audio.”

About Audiokinetic

Audiokinetic sets new standards in audio production for interactive media and games. The company’s middleware solutions, including the award-winning Wwise® and SoundSeed®, empower sound designers and audio programmers with a cost effective, comprehensive authoring tool and audio engine for creating innovative interactive experiences. Audiokinetic is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada, has subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China, as well as Product Experts in Europe.

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