Audiokinetic Launches Strata, the World’s First Multitrack Sound Library, In Partnership with BOOM Library

Montreal, Canada – October 12th, 2022 – Audiokinetic Inc., the leading global provider of cross-platform audio solutions for the interactive media and gaming industries announced today the launch of its novel concept sound library, Strata. Strata is the first sound library designed to be delivered in ready-to-edit multitrack format, and the company’s first content product line. In partnership with BOOM Library oHG, the largest audio provider in Europe providing high end sound effects, the companies offer a game-changing solution to the interactive media industries.

Commercial SFX library vendors offer linear collections of composite sound effects. While audio designers can modify these sounds by trimming them, mixing, and applying processing effects, the individual components that made up these sounds are lost forever. This makes them impractical in interactive audio applications where sounds routinely must be decomposed into their individual constituents to be useful. Strata eliminates this problem by providing sounds partitioned down to their ready-to-edit multitrack components. Sound designers can now obtain surgically precise results faster, at a lower cost, and with more creative freedom than ever before.

Strata provides sound designers with access to audio sources and know-how behind the world’s best audio content. “Strata is the first library of SFX that’s been designed from the ground up to be produced and distributed in multitrack format; and by that we mean providing all the tracks, all the clip edits, all the processing effects, so sound designers have full flexibility at their fingertips,” said Simon Ashby, Audiokinetic Head of Product. Strata was designed specifically with interactive audio designers in mind, but audio artists working on linear productions will also greatly benefit from it.

“We’ve always considered providing audio content to our users, but as with all our products and ventures, we needed such a project to have a unique value proposition vis-à-vis the existing market. When we came up with the idea of Strata, it was quite obvious for us as a software company, that we would work with an established content provider. Reaching out to the very best in their space, BOOM Library, was the obvious choice for us,” said Ashby.

“We’ve known people from Audiokinetic for years now through industry events. We knew that we shared common ground, but it was when we decided to collaborate on Strata that we quickly realized that together we had all the parts needed for such a meaningful partnership. BOOM has the content and Audiokinetic has the technology.” said Pierre Langer, BOOM Library Co-founder and Managing Director.

“Strata eliminates a lot of work that is not fun - all non-creative and repetitive steps - and sound designers now have more time and energy to focus on the creative tasks related to sound design,” said Langer.

Strata multitrack content is delivered in REAPER projects, as authored by their designers. REAPER, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that has been growing in popularity over the past decade amongst interactive audio designers, was selected as the DAW of choice to launch Strata, due to its universality, flexibility, and accessibility.

Strata offers individual and enterprise subscriptions. The library has launched with 14 collections and will have new collections made available monthly.

About Strata

Strata is the first library of sound effects that’s been designed from the ground up to be produced and distributed in ready-to-edit multitrack format.

About Audiokinetic

Audiokinetic is the leading provider of cross-platform audio solutions for interactive media and gaming, and sets new standards in interactive audio production for location-based entertainment, automotive, consumer electronics, and training simulation. A trusted and strategic partner to the world’s largest interactive media developers and OEMs, Audiokinetic has a long-established ecosystem of allies within the audio industry and amongst platform manufacturers. The company’s middleware solutions include the award-winning Wwise® and SoundSeed®, as well as Wwise Automotive™. Audiokinetic A Sony Group Company is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada, has subsidiaries in Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China, as well as Product Experts in Europe and the USA.

About BOOM Library

BOOM Library was founded in 2010 by award winning audio designers from Dynamedion, the biggest European game audio studio based in Mainz, Germany. BOOM Library prides itself on providing high end, ultimate sound effects for all media and audio professionals.

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