From Gaming to Automotive: Leading Provider of Interactive Audio Sets New Standards for In-Car Audio

Montreal, Canada –January 3rd, 2018 – Audiokinetic Inc., the leading provider of cross-platform interactive audio solutions, has launched Wwise Automotive™ and will be demonstrating its use cases and application at the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Showcase this CES 2018.

Martin H. Klein, Audiokinetic President and CEO, explains, “The Automotive industry is going through a complete transition. Connected and autonomous cars will be needing to manage an increasing amount of data to meet on-board requirements and demands for safety and enhanced user experience in vehicles. Audio information makes up a large amount of this data and is certainly amongst the most critical for realizing a holistic and immersive environment, from entertainment to functional audio.”

Wwise Automotive™

Featuring an optimized run-time sound engine and an audio authoring application designed to create and manage customized in-car audio experiences, Wwise Automotive introduces a comprehensive, data-driven, interactive audio solution. Its interactive audio engine, running as a service on embedded targets, increases efficiency with faster iteration cycles and enables OEMs and their providers to create unique sound signatures, customized for each vehicle.

"Today, the most advanced interactive audio applications and integrations come from the gaming industry, an industry that has built fantastical worlds where the impossible has always been possible. As leaders of interactive audio for the interactive media and gaming industries, abstractions towards the future of automotive audio can be met by our existing technologies and future developments with Wwise Automotive.” said Martin H. Klein, Audiokinetic President and CEO.

Wwise Automotive streamlines the workflow related to creating, managing and customizing the sound design, unifying the overall user-experience (HMI), and providing end-users with innovative audio features for entertainment systems (IVI). Its sophisticated authoring, profiling, and real-time editing tools increase productivity and creativity, while saving automotive audio engineers time and money across the automotive audio production pipeline. From concept prototyping through development, production, and aftermarket, Wwise Automotive allows for reuse of design work across platforms, facilitating a unified pipeline with efficient transitions between product stages.

“From our unique perspective, we can easily draw parallels with the gaming industry some years ago, where the shift towards data-driven software tools freed sound designers from integration constraints and empowered them to create great interactive audio experiences. Using the same technology, we can now empower OEMs to meet complex interactive audio requirements easily, and deliver a truly immersive audio user experience.” said Francois Thibault, Audiokinetic Director Innovation.

Wwise Automotive Contribution to Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)

Audiokinetic, an active AGL member, is contributing its expertise to redefine the audio software layers within the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) platform for addressing the security and scalability requirements of future Linux based infotainment platforms. Audiokinetic's contribution includes an application-facing audio API and policy management, unifying sound generation and audio stream management into a simple yet comprehensive audio software stack. This open-source contribution to the AGL platform allows infotainment system developers to easily control customized business logic to leverage the benefits from both open-source and proprietary technology.

CES® 2018

At CES 2018, Audiokinetic will be demonstrating use cases of auditory displays in the automotive context for HMI and safety applications, using Wwise Automotive authoring, profiling, and real-time editing tools, fully integrated within the AGL platform. The Audiokinetic demo will be on display inside the AGL Ballroom Showcase at The Venetian, Lido Ballrooms 3002-3004, from January 9-12, 2018.

Audiokinetic will also showcase hardware-offloaded acoustic processing capabilities integrated into its audio software rendering pipeline and fully leveraging the benefits of the Wwise workflow, thanks to a partnership with Fiberdyne Systems Pty Ltd.

About Audiokinetic

Audiokinetic is the leading provider of cross-platform interactive audio solutions. With a long-established ecosystem of partners, within the audio industry and amongst platform manufacturers, Audiokinetic has become a trusted and strategic partner to the world’s largest interactive media developers. A member of the GENIVI alliance and the AGL collaboration project, Audiokinetic sets new standards in the automotive industry with Wwise Automotive, the most comprehensive data-driven audio solution. Audiokinetic is headquartered in Montréal, QC, Canada and has a subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan, and Product Experts in China and Europe.

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