Wwise 2014.1 Public Beta 2 is now available to all!

It’s our largest release since the initial launch of Wwise back in 2006, and it’s chock full of cool new features!

  • MIDI (Sampler and Synth)
  • Wwise Synth One Source Plug-in
  • Mixer Plug-in Framework
  • New Plug-in technology partners (Auro3D, IOSONO)
  • LFOs and Envelopes
  • Control Surfaces support
  • Game Parameter Interpolation
  • Up to 255 Supported Channels
  • Streamlined object creation from external files
  • …and more More MORE!

You can grab it from the Downloads page directly here. Note that you can now also find the Wwise Project Adventure, Sample Project and Cube for Mac OS X there, so all of you Wwise Mac Authoring users are covered now!

As it’s a beta, there are likely some rough edges, so we want your feedback! Be sure to send your comments and feedback to us via the Q&A page.