Audiokinetic's Wwise middleware allowed the publisher to make the guitar game Rocksmith truely interactive.

Post Magazine, September 2015

It’s no secret that the game industry has the talent, the tools, and the budgets to create soundtracks and scores that rival those of big Hollywood films. But if you’re thinking of crossing over from film sound to game sound, there’s something you have to understand — integration — getting your sound into the nonlinear game world, and having it do what you want, when you want. Popular middleware, like Audiokinetic’s Wwise isn’t just a means to get sound into a game. It provides tools that can help you be more creative with game sound, explains lead audio designer Nicholas Bonardi at Ubisoft Studio SF in San Francisco, creators of guitar skill-building game Rocksmith.

“Think of it like this: Wwise is the audio engine for your game. It holds all your original files, converts them for use on your target platform, and gives you the tools to make your audio accessible from the game engine,” says Bonardi. “On top of functioning as a pipeline solution, Wwise provides AAA realtime audio tools that give you a metric ton of flexibility to create solutions and experiences. It was absolutely crucial for the execution of Rocksmith.”

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