Lesson 3

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Creating a Game Parameter

Like the Switch Container object in the previous exercise, a Game Parameter is simply an object put in place to receive specialized game calls.

  1. Select the Game Syncs tab within the Project Explorer, then choose the Default Work Unit in the Game Parameters folder and click Create New 'Game Parameter'.

  2. Name the newly created Game Parameter object PlayerHealth.

    Game Parameters simply communicate a number within a defined range. This numerical range could be any range of numbers. For example, using the scenario of a car’s speed, the range could be 0 to 300, representing kilometers per hour.

    In the case of Cube, the health parameter has a value of 0 to 100, which coincidentally is the default range of values, so no change to these properties is necessary. You do need to define a default value so that if the game doesn’t communicate the current value, Wwise knows a value to start with. The player starts at full health so you‘ll need to set the default value to 100.

  3. Change the Default value for the PlayerHealth Game Parameter to 100.

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