Lesson 6

Table of Contents

Creating a New Mixing Desk

The Mixing Desk view can be opened as a view, like most other windows in Wwise; however, it really comes to life when it works in conjunction with a Soundcaster Session, like the one you created in the last exercise. For this reason, a default layout called Mixer can quickly be recalled, which provides a Soundcaster and Mixing Desk view, as well as a Project Explorer and Event Viewer.

  1. In the main menu choose Layouts > Mixer or press F8.

    The Mixer layout opens. You see the Fire Gem Soundcaster view you configured in the last exercise, with an empty Mixing Desk view just above.

    Just as with Soundcaster, you can create Mixing Desk sessions that act much like presets for objects you want to have mixing channels for. You’ll create a Mixing Desk session that will complement the Fire Gem Soundcaster Session.

  2. Click the [>>] selector, and choose New.

    Name the Mixing Session Fire Gem, and click OK.

    A new Mixing Desk appears that currently only displays a list of available properties that will be displayed for any objects you add into the Mixing Desk. This is a big advantage over the limited number of properties that are displayed in the Soundcaster’s modules.