Lesson 6

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Using Control Surfaces

As you’ve learned, using Soundcaster and Mixing Desk views can help you to play sounds more quickly and modify the properties that affect those sounds. The one limiting factor is that regardless of the amount of Mixing Desk channels or Soundcaster transports you might see, using a computer pointer only provides you with the ability to actively engage one parameter within Wwise at one time. To go beyond this limitation, you can dramatically enhance your productivity by using an external MIDI-based controller as an alternate input device. Wwise allows you to map multiple object properties and other Wwise commands such as Play, to multiple physical controls such as knobs, faders, and buttons found on common MIDI control devices. If you have an external MIDI controller connected to your computer, learn how this is accomplished in this final exercise of this lesson.


You may need to save your Wwise Project and restart it again after you connect your MIDI controller to your computer. In this exercise an M-Audio Axiom 25 controller is used for demonstration, but any recognized MIDI or Mackie Control controller will work.

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