Wwise-101 Certification Course

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Wwise-101 Certification Course

7 Lessons, 7 Quizzes, 1 Exam

Wwise 2021.1

Our seven lessons cover all you need to get your Wwise-101 certification. We’re also providing you with seven quizzes to test your knowledge prior to taking the exam. Although these quizzes are optional, we highly recommend that you complete them so that you are well prepared. Best of luck from the Audiokinetic team!

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Wwise® 101 Certification Course

Wwise 2021.1 • Revision 1171

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Table of Contents

Installing the Course Materials
Installing Wwise and Preparing Lesson Content
Installing Wwise and Cube
Installing the Wwise-101 Course Project Files
Playing Cube
Silencing Cube
Lesson 1: Quick Start–From Silence to Sound
Launch Wwise
Profiling the Game
Creating an Event
Importing a Sound
Applying an Action
Integrating Sound Into the Game
Adding an Event to a SoundBank
Generating a SoundBank
Related Video
Play the Game!
Lesson 2: Designing a Soundscape
Adding Sounds to a Project
Using a Single Sound For Multiple Applications
Changing Object Properties
Using the Source Editor
Related Video
Applying Multiple Actions to a Single Event
Using Randomization
Importing an Audio File Folder
Using Controlled Randomization
Randomizing Properties
Related Video
Granulate Your Sounds
Creating a Sequence
Using Silence
Verifying Your Work
Lesson 3: Understanding Game Syncs
Using Switches
Creating a Switch Group
Defining Options within the Switch Group
Creating a Switch Container
Connecting Switches with Switch Containers
Simulating Surfaces with a Switch Container
Related Video
Using Game Parameters
Creating a Game Parameter
Modifying Object Properties With Game Parameters
Making Game Parameter Adjustments in the Graph View
Adjusting RTPC Values in the Transport Control
Related Video
Using States
Creating a New State Group
Creating a State Transition
Configuring State Modification Values
Simulating State Transition Using the Transport Control
Related Video
Displaying Voice Volume Calculations
Splitting Views
Using the Voice Profiler
Integrating Your Game Syncs Into Cube
Viewing Game Syncs in the Profiler
Lesson 4: Creating Space
Using 3D Spatialization
Creating an Attenuation Curve ShareSet
Assigning Attenuation Curves to Objects
Adjusting Attenuation Curves
Adding Cone Attenuation
Related Video
Using 3D Position Automation
Related Video
Using Speaker Panning
Related Video
Play the Game
Lesson 5: Understanding Audio Signal Flow
Organizing with Actor-Mixers
Using the Master-Mixer Hierarchy
Master Audio Bus
Submixing with Additional Audio Busses
Audio Bus Assignments
Working with Effects
Inserting Effects
Using Auxiliary Sends
Related Video
Using the Schematic View
Related Video
Lesson 6: Finalizing the Mix
Using Soundcaster
Creating a Soundcaster Session
Adding Objects to a Soundcaster Session
Related Video
Configuring a Mixing Desk
Creating a New Mixing Desk
Adding Objects to the Mixer
Creating Additional Mixing Desks
Working with States
Related Video
Using Control Surfaces
Configuring a Controller
Mapping Hardware Controls to Properties and Commands
Lesson 7: Optimizing Your Game
Managing Memory
Working With Multiple SoundBanks
Creating Conversion Settings
Assigning Conversion Settings
Comparing Converted Audio
Including or Excluding Audio
Related Video
Processor Optimization
Related Video
Real-Time Monitoring with Profiler

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