9 lessons, 9 quizzes, 1 exam
Wwise 2019.1

Our 9 lessons cover all you need to get your Wwise-301 certification. We're also providing you with 9 quizzes to test your knowledge prior to taking the exam. Although these quizzes are optional, we highly recommend that you complete them so that you are well prepared.


Complete all the quizzes before you take the exam; 50% of the exam questions come from the quizzes!


Make sure you go through all the lessons. The videos and quizzes alone do not cover all you need to pass the exam.


To pass the exam, you will need a 90% or above mark.

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Installation of Wwise

Get your system ready for this certification! Follow the guidelines to install Wwise, and any other tools, assets and files you’ll be using throughout this course.

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Lesson 1: Adding Sound

Take a deep-dive into integrating audio. Learn to load a SoundBank, post an Event and how to only allow specific objects to trigger them.

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Lesson 2: Ambiences

Learn to use special positioning modes, attenuation spheres for displaying attenuation distances in Unity and the power of custom scripts.

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Lesson 3: SoundBank Management

Learn to load Soundbanks during gameplay from either Triggers or Scenes. Configure SoundBanks to decompress in runtime and save on disk.

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Lesson 4: Posting Events from Script

Take your first steps into writing scripts, an essential part of Unity. Learn to attach sounds to in-game mechanisms and how to call mechanisms using the microphone input.

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Lesson 5: Controlling Game Syncs from Script

Manage how your soundscape behaves using Game Syncs. Explore how set Game Syncs from both components and scripts and learn the difference of Global and Game Object scope.

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Lesson 6: Using Effects on Regions

Use Unity Triggers to define the effects applied in an area. Learn how Unity calculates physics like collisions and how it is used to manage effects on your sounds.

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Lesson 7: Callbacks

Learn to communicate from Wwise to Unity using callbacks. Make the world of the Wwise Adventure Game move to the tempo of the music.

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Lesson 8: Advanced Music System

Combine your knowledge from previous lessons into integrating an advanced two-piece multi-layered music system and control detailed variations using Game Syncs.

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Lesson 9: Making Your Own Adventure Game

Create your own Unity project, integrate the Wwise Unity Integration and learn to use change listener position and where to set memory pools.

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