Wwise-301 Certification Course

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Wwise-301 Certification Course

9 Lessons, 9 Quizzes, 1 Exam

Wwise 2019.1

Revision 1182

Our nine lessons cover all you need to get your Wwise-301 certification. We're also providing you with nine quizzes to test your knowledge prior to taking the exam. Although these quizzes are optional, we highly recommend that you complete them so that you are well prepared. Best of luck from the Audiokinetic team!

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Table of Contents

Installation of Wwise
Integrating Audio into a Game
Wwise Adventure Game
User Guide
Getting Ready for Certification
Getting the 301 Course License
Installing Unity
Installing the Audiokinetic Launcher
Installing the Wwise Adventure Game
Installing the Wwise-301 Course Project Files
Opening the Wwise Adventure Game
Related Video
Getting up to speed with Unity
Basic Terminology
Navigating the Windows
Managing Your Project Files
Scene Management
Playing the Game
Wwise in Unity
Object Colors in Wwise
Next up! Venturing into Allegro Kingdom
Lesson 1: Adding Sound
Adding Sound
Quickest Way to Enable Sound
Loading a SoundBank
Playing Your First Wwise Event
Related Video
Trigger Conditions
Adding a Trigger Condition
Restricting the Trigger Condition
Related Video
Quickest Way to Sound Integration
Lesson 2: Ambiences
Posting with AkAmbient
Related Video
Attenuation Spheres
AkAmbient Position Types
Using Large Mode
Using Multi Position Mode
Custom Volumetric Scripts
Related Video
Ambient Soundscape
Lesson 3: SoundBank Management
SoundBank Management
Managing SoundBanks in Unity
Loading SoundBanks using Triggers
Organizing SoundBanks into Individual Scenes
Decompressing SoundBanks
Decoding Compressed Data
Saving a Decoded SoundBank
Loading SoundBanks in Unity
Lesson 4: Posting Events from Script
Posting Events from a Script
Posting Events using Wwise-Types
Creating a Wwise-Type Event property
Assigning and Posting a Wwise-Type Event
Related Video
Posting Events from Animations
Related Video
Posting Audio Input
Reference Scripts
Assigning and Posting a Wwise-Type Event: PostWwiseEvent
Posting Events from Animations: PostWwiseEvent
Lesson 5: Controlling Game Syncs from Script
Controlling Game Syncs from Script
Setting States using the AkState Component
Setting Game Parameters using Wwise-Types
Related Video
Setting a Switch using a Wwise-Type
Related Video
Understanding Global and Game Object Scope
Game Parameters
Component or Script
Reference Scripts
Setting Game Parameters using Wwise-Types: SetTimeOfDayRTPC
Setting a Switch using a Wwise-Type: PostWwiseEvent
Lesson 6: Using Effects on Regions
Using Effects on Regions
Adding the AkEnvironment to a Trigger
Creating an Aux Environment
Related Video
Environments inside Environments
Environmental Effects
Lesson 7: Callbacks
Callbacks using Components
Callbacks on a Wwise-Type Event
Related Video
Activating Visual Responses using Callbacks
Reference Scripts
Callbacks on a Wwise-Type Event: PostMusic
Lesson 8: Advanced Music System
Advanced Music System
The Two-Piece Music System
Region Music Theme
Enemy Music Theme
Synchronizing Music Systems
Region Music System
Setting a Music Region State
Creating a System for Intersecting State Areas
Creating Diversity Using Game Parameters
Making an Advanced Music System
Reference Scripts
Setting a Music Region State: SetMusicState
Creating a System for Intersecting State Areas: SetMusicState
Creating Diversity Using Game Parameters: SetRTPCToDistance
Lesson 9: Making Your Own Adventure Game
Make Your Own Adventure Game
Integrating Wwise into a New Unity Project
Preparing a Unity Scene
Related Video
Certification Rundown
Completing the Wwise-301 Exam

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