Creators Directory FAQ

What is the Creators Directory?

The Creators Directory is a means of you, as an audio professional providing services to the gaming industry (a Creator), can have a presence on our site. The goal being to help you find additional business, to assist smaller developers who are starting out with Wwise, and to help build a community of Creators to work with to constantly improve the Wwise software, and the Wwise development experience.

How do I get in?

Simply create your Company. For many of you, this will be yourselves (My Name Audio) and that's fine. Upload your logo (to the specs provided), select the primary and secondary services you offer, and the rest of the information in the form. Once approved, you'll be added to the list.

Any other requirements?

There is one big one – at least one member of your Company must be Wwise-101 certified. We want to make sure that the teams in the Wwise Creators Directory do indeed know Wwise to a certain degree, and this is the method of validation.

What if I have more than one person in my company?

You can invite other members to join. Simply put in their name and email address, and the next time they log in to the Audiokinetic site, they'll be able to accept the invitation by visiting their Account page (click on their name at the top of the site). There will be a notification jewel next to their name to alert them of the invitation. They'll then be added to your Company.

Who can add other members?

Only the 'Organization Administrator' can do this. Generally, this is the person who created the Company entry in the first place, though the role can be reassigned by contacting us.

Are you involved in our business dealings with developers?

No, definitely not. We are simply trying to help developers find you. Currently, this means that they would look in the directory, search for the location, or services, or languages, or amount of experience. The resultant list of Creators is then sorted by their Creator Score. The Developer can then visit your site, where they can find the information on how to contact you and then it's up to you to win them over!

Why can't Developers contact us directly from the Directory?

We wanted to make sure that the system wasn't spam-friendly. Having a method where we either exposed your contact email clearly, or allowed contact to you via a form could have resulted in inappropriate communication and spam.

What is the Creator Score?

This is a points system that runs behind the scenes. Points are allocated as follows:

  • 2 points for each member of the Company that is Wwise-101 certified.
    • Note that additional points will be allocated for members with higher certifications, as those become available.
  • 2 points for every Published game project that has at least one member from the Company within it. Having more team members in a particular project does not allocate more points for that project.
  • 2 points for every Published game project that has your Company attached. This also provides other benefits, including being publicly listed alongside the game on our Customers page.
  • 1 point for every 100 Q&A points you have in our system. This will evolve as that system evolves.

Over time, we hope to add more methods of earning points. These will generally be focused around things you can do to help the community!

How is the number of Projects managed?

The Project Number that is displayed as part of your entry is calculated from multiple sources. Note that this is an absolute figure, so titles cannot be double-counted if they meet multiple criteria below:

  • If your company is attached to a project, it is counted
  • If you have at least one member in the project, it is counted
  • We can also attach a project to your company, which counts towards your Project Number, but does not then display your involvement publicly. This will be used in cases where the Developer or Publisher does not allow us to list you publicly.

We definitely encourage Creators to take ownership and credit wherever possible. This is largely dictated by your contracts with the Developers, but fight for that right to be publicly acknowledged!

Why should we have our staff members added to a Wwise project page?

Aside from earning you Creator Points, there are other benefits

  • You'll be able to be notified whenever the license key changes (added platforms, added plug-ins, evaluation extensions, etc.)
  • You'll be able to access the license key directly, rather than relying on one of the developers to send it to you.
  • You'll be able to file support tickets from the project page, assuming that the particular project currently has support access.

As above, we strongly encourage you to contact the Developer about getting invited to the project. We can do that for you, but the Wwise Project Leader can also do this.

Is there a fee for joining?

There is no direct fee for joining the Creators Directory. The only monetary cost is the Wwise-101 certification exam.

I need to make a change to my Company entry – can I?

Absolutely. Certain fields are flagged as requiring approval (generally, anything that is public-facing, and is user created). This includes the company description, website and company name. Just like with the original Company creation, this would come to us for approval, and once approved, the changes would take hold. However, during that time, your listing would still be available on the site.

How do I get myself added to my portfolio of Wwise games?

For older games, you can send us the list of games that you worked on. If you have proof of this (credits screen, for example), this helps as well. In some cases, it may not be possible to add you to an older game.

For games in development still, you can contact the developer to be added via invitation.