Daring Sound

Daring Sound, owned by Ryan Udairam[Music Composer, Sound Designer], is an Audio Solutions Company based out of Burnsville, Minnesota. Daring Sound handles Foley recording, digital sound effects design, field recording, music composition, music production, audio mixing, voice talent acquisition, and voice over recording.

About Ryan Udairam: Ryan Udairam explores cinematic opportunities in his music, regardless of genre or instrumentation for the music he writes. As one who actively practices writing music for video games and practices scoring to picture, Ryan Udairam dives deep within palettes available to him to render soundscapes that fit your game's environment and design audio that makes the world of your game come to life.

Daring Sound works extensively with Wwise software for game audio integration and uses Universal Audio plugins and audio interfaces.

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Burnsville, Minnesota, United States   (Approx. distance 1449 KM)



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  • Ryan Udairam, Certified Wwise-101 End-User