The winners of the Wwise Limbo Redux contest have been selected.
Check out their entries, and an interview with the Grand Prize winner!

Wwise becomes free for small independent titles!

Montréal, Canada – March 11, 2014 – Audiokinetic Inc., the leading global provider of cross-platform audio solutions for the interactive media and gaming industries, today announced the release of a free limited commercial license on PC and mobile-based platforms.

Introducing Wwise 2013.2

Secondary Output Devices
• Independent mixes for WiiU and PS4 controller outputs
• Used for chat, background music and headphones/speakers mixes

7.1 Audio Support
• Full 7.1 audio support for Windows, Xbox One and PS4

Crankcase Audio REV
• Advanced granular synthesis of vehicle engine sounds
• 15 pre-made models to purchase or create your own

GenAudio AstoundSound®
• AstoundSound® 3D RTI, Expander and Fold-down plug-ins

Our flagship product, Wwise® - WaveWorks Interactive Sound Engine® - is the industry's only complete audio pipeline solution.
Stay in control with the Profiler
Know what's happening every second, every frame
From CPU and memory usage to what's happening under the hood, the Wwise Profiler gives you the ability to maximize performance and minimize bugs.
Create engaging and immersive Soundscapes
Infinite variety at your fingertips
With a variety of built-in tools and effects, to an entire suite of 3rd party plug-ins, Wwise lets you create your sonic vision faithfully.
Create dynamic game-driven musical scores
Incredible interactive music driven by your game!
Wwise allows your composer to create beautifully layered dynamic musical scores that ebb and flow with the actions in your game.

The ability to integrate Wwise into your production pipeline means that your artists have more creative control.

Now any physical space, from a plane cock-pit to the Taj Mahal, can be reproduced as long as you have a sample - an impulse response -of the room.

SoundSeed is an ever-growing family of cross-platform interactive sound generators for game audio.

Use the Wwise authoring tool you know and love to control not only sound, but also the tactile/rumble feedback of the game controllers.

Wwise Plug-Ins
An ever-growing suite of 3rd party plug-ins allow you to craft a unique sound signature for your game.