Wwise Midi Control Tutorial - Touch OSC Template

Have you ever wanted hands on control of your Wwise project? You are in luck!
Here is a video where I show off my latest touchosc template for wwise control. Even better, I'm giving away the template and mappings for FREE! This will save you dozens of hours creating and tediously mapping it all out.

All I ask is that you comment on how you use it or update it and share it around so everyone gets the power of midi controlling with their Wwise projects :)


There are two pages. One for the wwise mixer, and another for wwise soundcaster. You change pages by tapping the words in the bar at the top.

The mixer page has 8 channels for the first 8 mixer channels and will change based on your mixer session and whatever the first 8 channels are. The center is for selected objects.
The selected objects can be mixer channels or any object in your wwise project! This way you can select specific objects and adjust volumes while leaving your mixer up for maximum control. You can also use the center selected channel to keep a mixer channel in focus in the center.

For soundcaster there are 24 buttons that trigger the first 24 objects dragged in. It auto maps in wwise from the top left to the top right then down the rows to determine the order so be careful how you drag things in and order them.

There are also controls in the soundcaster tab for play/stop and parameters of selected objects so you can click anything and audition it separately from the soundcaster session.

There are 6 extra faders on the soundcaster tab not yet mapped. You can use these for mapping to RTPCs or other things in the future, or replace them with more buttons in Touchosc if you know how to use touchosc editor.

To reiterate, the center of both tabs has a selected channel tab. This works for ANY objects that is selected including random containers, sound fx, mixer channels, etc. If it's selected then you'll see the parameters for it here and can tweak it.

WWISE REQUEST: The ability to select an object when midi triggers it. This way the "selected channel" in my template can update with whatever I trigger!

KNOWN BUGS: For some reason multiple solos don't visually show up quite right so be cautious using solos or mutes on lots of channels. I think it's a Wwise issue as I triple checked the template.

TOUCH OSC: I couldn't find a way to double tap to reset to a given value. If someone knows how to script that then all buttons could go back to 0 as a default when double tapped. If you know how please write me!


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