The MOST Flexible Sound Library for Interactive Media - STRATA By Audiokinetic

This video is sponsored by Audiokinetic. Try the Free Strata Collection:

I recently had a call with some of the team Audiokinetic, Jacques, Simon, and Simon, who were all very excited to tell me about their new multi-track sound library series called Strata.

Strata is a new concept for sample libraries, and is distributed as REAPER projects where you can dig into any sounds as subproject and easily create the perfect layers and variations to use in your game or other interactive media project.

Strata will be most interesting for game sound designers, because these collections were made with you in mind. Post production studios have also picked up Strata for its finely tuned foley.

And even if you don’t work in game audio this is an amazing learning opportunity to explorer top tier sound effects and how they’re made.

The sounds in these collections are created by BOOM Library, pulling elements for each theme from their vast libraries, plus entirely new recordings just for Strata.

There are currently 22 Strata collections available covering ambiences, aircraft, bullets, creature movements, explosions, robots and more. You get access to source files, ready to use effects, and REAPER projects.

There’s even a free sample with over 16GB of content so you can try before buying.
Free Strata Collection:
Strata install guide:

00:00 - Introduction
01:17 - meet the team
01:41 - Wwise
02:01 - ReaWwise
03:43 - Strata presentation
05:49 - How Strata Collections are organized in reaper
08:11 - UCS Naming Structure
08:20 - Strata with ReaWwise
11:20 - Made for interactive media - what does that mean?
13:54 - You need flexibility to change the mix in-game
14:51 - Included plugins
15:20 - IEM bundle
15:41 - Wwise fx VST3
15:49 - Boom Enrage
17:52 - production partners
19:23 - Strata Collections release schedule
19:59 - A sound in Strata = REAPER region
22:13 - Strata overview Recap
22:29 - Even experienced pros learn from Strata
23:53 - More on the collaboration with BOOM
24:44 - Reducing overwhelm with the projects
25:53 - Strata Demonstration
27:47 - Existing and new content made for Strata
33:07 - Wrap up

Thanks for watching!

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The first view on Audiokinetic Strata for Reaper and how to install it.


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