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AK::CAkValueRamp Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

  CAkValueRamp ()
  Constructor method.
  ~CAkValueRamp ()
  Destructor method.
void  RampSetup (AkReal32 fStepIncrement, AkReal32 fInitVal)
  Initial parameter interpolation ramp setup.
AkForceInline void  SetTarget (AkReal32 fTarget)
  Set the ramp's target value.
AkForceInline AkReal32  Tick ()
AkReal32  GetCurrent ()
void  SetCurrent (AkReal32 in_fCurrent)
  Set the current interpolated value.
AkUInt32  GetRampCount ()
void  SetRampCount (AkUInt32 in_uRampCount)
  Set the current interpolation frame count.
void  StopRamp ()
  The ramp is no longer necessary; set to target.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent parameter interpolation service for software plug-ins.

Note: Algorithm performs linear interpolation.
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Definition at line 28 of file AkValueRamp.h.

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