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AK::SoundFrame::ISFObject Class Reference

Base interface for all Sound Frame objects. More...

Inheritance diagram for AK::SoundFrame::ISFObject:
AK::SoundFrame::ISFRefCount AK::SoundFrame::IArgument AK::SoundFrame::IArgumentValue AK::SoundFrame::IAuxBus AK::SoundFrame::IConversionSettings AK::SoundFrame::IDialogueEvent AK::SoundFrame::IEvent AK::SoundFrame::IGameParameter AK::SoundFrame::IOriginalFile AK::SoundFrame::ISoundBank AK::SoundFrame::ISoundObject AK::SoundFrame::IState AK::SoundFrame::IStateGroup AK::SoundFrame::ISwitch AK::SoundFrame::ISwitchGroup AK::SoundFrame::ITrigger

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Public Member Functions

virtual const WCHAR *  GetName () const =0
virtual AkUniqueID  GetID () const =0
virtual GUID  GetGUID () const =0

Detailed Description

Base interface for all Sound Frame objects.

Definition at line 45 of file SFObjects.h.

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