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AK::Wwise::IPluginPropertySet Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool  GetValue (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName, VARIANT &out_varProperty)=0
virtual bool  SetValue (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName, const VARIANT &in_varProperty)=0
virtual bool  PropertyHasRTPC (LPCWSTR in_pszPropertyName)=0
virtual GUID  GetCurrentPlatform ()=0
virtual BasePlatformID  GetCurrentBasePlatform ()=0
virtual BasePlatformID  GetDefaultNativeAuthoringPlaybackPlatform ()=0
  This function is called To retrieve the base platforms of the authoring tool.
virtual GUID  GetAuthoringPlaybackPlatform ()=0
  This function is called To retrieve the custom platform being used to run while in authoring.
virtual void  NotifyInternalDataChanged (AkPluginParamID in_idData)=0
virtual bool  CanLogUndos ()=0
virtual AK::Wwise::IUndoManager *  GetUndoManager ()=0
virtual void  GetAssetLicenseStatus (const GUID &in_guidPlatform, AkUInt32 in_uAssetID, AK::Wwise::LicenseType &out_eType, AK::Wwise::LicenseStatus &out_eStatus, UINT32 &out_uDaysToExpiry)=0
  Obtain licensing status for a plug-in-specific asset ID.

Detailed Description

Plug-in property set interface. An instance of this class is created and assigned to each plug-in, which in turn can use it to manage its properties. Whenever a property name is specified, it corresponds to the property name set in the plug-in's XML definition file.

The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
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