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AK::Wwise::ISourceControlDialogBase Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual HINSTANCE  GetResourceHandle () const =0
virtual void  GetDialog (UINT &out_uiDialogID) const =0
  This function is called by Wwise to get the plug-in dialog's ID.
virtual bool  HasHelp () const =0
virtual bool  Help (HWND in_hWnd) const =0
virtual bool  WindowProc (HWND in_hWnd, UINT in_message, WPARAM in_wParam, LPARAM in_lParam, LRESULT &out_lResult)=0

Detailed Description

Wwise dialog base interface. This must be implemented for each dialog that needs to be displayed with the Wwise look and feel.

The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
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