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AK::Wwise::Version Class Reference

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Public Attributes

const int  Major = 2015
  Wwise SDK major version.
const int  Minor = 1
  Wwise SDK minor version.
const int  SubMinor = 9
  Wwise SDK sub-minor version.
const int  Build = 5624
  Wwise SDK build number.
const string  Nickname = ""
  Wwise SDK build nickname.
const string  AssemblyVersion = "2015.1.9.5624"
  String representing the Wwise SDK version.
const string  CopyrightNotice = "\xA9 2006-2016. Audiokinetic Inc. All rights reserved."
  String representing the Wwise SDK copyright notice.


static string  VersionName [get]
  String representing the Wwise SDK version.

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