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AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy > Class Template Reference

Specific implementation of array. More...

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struct   Iterator
  Iterator. More...

Public Member Functions

  AkArray ()
  ~AkArray ()
Iterator  Begin () const
  Returns the iterator to the first item of the array, will be End() if the array is empty.
Iterator  End () const
  Returns the iterator to the end of the array.
Iterator  FindEx (ARG_T in_Item) const
  Returns the iterator th the specified item, will be End() if the item is not found.
Iterator  BinarySearch (ARG_T in_Item) const
Iterator  Erase (Iterator &in_rIter)
  Erase the specified iterator from the array.
void  Erase (unsigned int in_uIndex)
  Erase the item at the specified index.
Iterator  EraseSwap (Iterator &in_rIter)
AKRESULT  Reserve (AkUInt32 in_ulReserve)
  Pre-Allocate a number of spaces in the array.
AkUInt32  Reserved () const
void  Term ()
  Term the array. Must be called before destroying the object.
AkForceInline AkUInt32  Length () const
  Returns the numbers of items in the array.
AkForceInline bool  IsEmpty () const
  Returns true if the number items in the array is 0, false otherwise.
T *  Exists (ARG_T in_Item) const
  Returns a pointer to the specified item in the list if it exists, 0 if not found.
T *  AddLast ()
T *  AddLast (ARG_T in_rItem)
  Add an item in the array, and fills it with the provided item.
T &  Last ()
  Returns a reference to the last item in the array.
void  RemoveLast ()
  Removes the last item from the array.
AKRESULT  Remove (ARG_T in_rItem)
  Removes the specified item if found in the array.
AKRESULT  RemoveSwap (ARG_T in_rItem)
void  RemoveAll ()
  Removes all items in the array.
T &  operator[] (unsigned int uiIndex) const
  Operator [], return a reference to the specified index.
T *  Insert (unsigned int in_uIndex)
bool  GrowArray (AkUInt32 in_uGrowBy=TGrowBy)
  Resize the array.
bool  Resize (AkUInt32 in_uiSize)
  Resize the array to the specified size.
void  Transfer (AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy > &in_rSource)

Protected Attributes

T *  m_pItems
  pointer to the beginning of the array.
AkUInt32  m_uLength
  number of items in the array.
AkUInt32  m_ulReserved
  how many we can have at most (currently allocated).

Detailed Description

template<class T, class ARG_T, class TAlloc = ArrayPoolDefault, unsigned long TGrowBy = 1, class TMovePolicy = AkAssignmentMovePolicy<T>>
class AkArray< T, ARG_T, TAlloc, TGrowBy, TMovePolicy >

Specific implementation of array.

Definition at line 81 of file AkArray.h.

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