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IAkMotionMixBus Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual AKRESULT  Init (AK::IAkPluginMemAlloc *in_pAllocator, AkPlatformInitSettings *io_pPDSettings, AkUInt8 in_iPlayer, void *in_pDevice=NULL)=0
virtual AKRESULT  MixAudioBuffer (AkAudioBuffer &io_rBuffer)=0
virtual AKRESULT  MixFeedbackBuffer (AkAudioBuffer &io_rBuffer, AkReal32 in_fVolume)=0
virtual AKRESULT  RenderData ()=0
virtual void  CommandTick ()=0
virtual void  Stop ()=0
virtual AkReal32  GetPeak ()=0
virtual bool  IsStarving ()=0
virtual bool  IsActive ()=0
virtual AkChannelMask  GetMixingFormat ()=0
virtual void  SetMasterVolume (AkReal32 in_fVol)=0
virtual void  StartOutputCapture (const AkOSChar *in_CaptureFileName)=0
virtual void  StopOutputCapture ()=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file IAkMotionMixBus.h.

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