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AkDeviceSettings Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

void *  pIOMemory
AkUInt32  uIOMemorySize
  Size of memory pool for I/O (for automatic streams). It is passed directly to AK::MemoryMgr::CreatePool(), after having been rounded down to a multiple of uGranularity.
AkUInt32  uIOMemoryAlignment
  I/O memory pool alignment. It is passed directly to AK::MemoryMgr::CreatePool().
AkMemPoolAttributes  ePoolAttributes
  Attributes for internal I/O memory pool. Note that these pools are always allocated internally as AkFixedSizeBlocksMode-style pools. Here, specify the block allocation type (AkMalloc, and so on). It is passed directly to AK::MemoryMgr::CreatePool().
AkUInt32  uGranularity
  I/O requests granularity (typical bytes/request).
AkUInt32  uSchedulerTypeFlags
  Scheduler type flags.
AkThreadProperties  threadProperties
  Scheduler thread properties.
AkReal32  fTargetAutoStmBufferLength
  Targetted automatic stream buffer length (ms). When a stream reaches that buffering, it stops being scheduled for I/O except if the scheduler is idle.
AkUInt32  uMaxConcurrentIO
  Maximum number of transfers that can be sent simultaneously to the Low-Level I/O (applies to AK_SCHEDULER_DEFERRED_LINED_UP device only).
bool  bUseStreamCache
  If true the device attempts to reuse IO buffers that have already been streamed from disk. This is particularly useful when streaming small looping sounds. The drawback is a small CPU hit when allocating memory, and a slightly larger memory footprint in the StreamManager pool.
AkUInt32  uMaxCachePinnedBytes
  Maximum number of bytes that can be "pinned" using AK::SoundEngine::PinEventInStreamCache() or AK::IAkStreamMgr::PinFileInCache().

Detailed Description

High-level IO devices initialization settings.

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