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AkMidiEvent Struct Reference

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struct   tCc
struct   tChanAftertouch
struct   tGen
struct   tNoteAftertouch
struct   tNoteOnOff
struct   tPitchBend
struct   tProgramChange

Public Member Functions

  AkMidiEvent ()
bool  IsValid () const
void  MakeInvalid ()
bool  IsTypeOk () const
bool  IsSameChannel (const AkMidiEvent &in_other) const
bool  IsNoteEvent () const
bool  IsCcEvent () const
bool  IsSameCc (const AkMidiEvent &in_other) const
bool  IsSameNote (const AkMidiEvent &in_other) const
bool  IsSameChannelAndNote (const AkMidiEvent &in_other) const
bool  IsNoteOn () const
bool  IsNoteOff () const
bool  IsNoteOnOff () const
bool  IsPitchBend () const
AkMidiNoteChannelPair  GetNoteAndChannel () const
void  MakeSustainPedalOff (AkUInt32 in_uChan)
void  MakeNoteOn ()
void  MakeNoteOff ()
void  SetNoteNumber (const AkMidiNoteNo in_note)
AkMidiNoteNo  GetNoteNumber () const

Public Attributes

AkUInt8  byType
AkMidiChannelNo  byChan
union {
   tGen   Gen
   tCc   Cc
   tNoteOnOff   NoteOnOff
   tPitchBend   PitchBend
   tNoteAftertouch   NoteAftertouch
   tChanAftertouch   ChanAftertouch
   tProgramChange   ProgramChange

Detailed Description

Definition at line 176 of file AkMidiTypes.h.

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