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AkInitializer Class Reference

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Public Attributes

string  basePath = c_DefaultBasePath
  Path for the soundbanks. This must contain one sub folder per platform, with the same as in the Wwise project.
string  language = c_Language
  Language sub-folder.
int  defaultPoolSize = c_DefaultPoolSize
  Default Pool size. This contains the meta data for your audio project. Default size is 4 MB, but you should adjust for your needs.
int  lowerPoolSize = c_LowerPoolSize
  Lower Pool size. This contains the audio processing buffers and DSP data. Default size is 2 MB, but you should adjust for your needs.
int  streamingPoolSize = c_StreamingPoolSize
  Streaming Pool size. This contains the streaming buffers. Default size is 1 MB, but you should adjust for your needs.
int  preparePoolSize = c_PreparePoolSize
  Prepare Pool size. This contains the banks loaded using PrepareBank (Banks decoded on load use this). Default size is 0 MB, but you should adjust for your needs.
float  memoryCutoffThreshold = c_MemoryCutoffThreshold
  This setting will trigger the killing of sounds when the memory is reaching 95% of capacity. Lowest priority sounds are killed.
bool  engineLogging = c_EngineLogging
  Enable Wwise engine logging. Option to turn on/off the logging of the Wwise engine.

Detailed Description

This script deals with initialization, and frame updates of the Wwise audio engine. It is marked as DontDestroyOnLoad so it stays active for the life of the game, not only one scene. You can, and probably should, modify this script to change the initialization parameters for the sound engine. A few are already exposed in the property inspector. It must be present on one Game Object at the beginning of the game to initialize the audio properly. It must be executed BEFORE any other MonoBehaviors that use AkSoundEngine.

See also:
  • workingwithsdks_initialization
  • AK::SoundEngine::Init()
  • AK::SoundEngine::Term()
  • AkCallbackManager
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