Welcome to Wwise 2018.1.11

Welcome to Wwise® version 2018.1.11, the middleware solution from Audiokinetic that gives you the power to create great audio for video games. Through the tight integration of an advanced authoring application, a robust sound engine, and a thorough SDK to control them both, Wwise can increase your productivity and enhance your creative output.

Built to address the specific needs of the game development pipeline, Wwise is a unique solution for designers, composers, and programmers. By allowing you to develop game audio, music, and motion concurrently with game visuals, Wwise facilitates the design and authoring of sophisticated audio and motion during every phase of game development.

How to Use the Wwise Help

Wwise Help is a context-sensitive help system that contains reference topics describing each view, field, and option in Wwise. Within reference help topics, you will also find links to task-based information, generally consisting of a series of related procedures, which constitutes the User's Guide. You can follow these step-by-step procedures to accomplish most of the tasks in Wwise.

To learn more about its organization, see the Wwise Help page.

Before you Begin

Before working with Wwise, you may want to read the Wwise Fundamentals document to gain a better understanding of the key concepts and workflow of Wwise. After reviewing the Wwise Fundamentals document, you can then start reading the individual chapters in each part of the Help. These chapters provide conceptual and procedural information, examples, and tips and best practices for using Wwise.

Using Other Wwise Documents and Support

The Wwise Help is only one component in our comprehensive set of materials and resources that are available for you. Consult the Guide to the Wwise Roadmap for information about these other guides and resources.