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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK::PluginRegistration Class Reference

Public Member Functions

  PluginRegistration (AkPluginType in_eType, AkUInt32 in_ulCompanyID, AkUInt32 in_ulPluginID, AkCreatePluginCallback in_pCreateFunc, AkCreateParamCallback in_pCreateParamFunc, AkGlobalCallbackFunc in_pRegisterCallback=NULL, void *in_pRegisterCallbackCookie=NULL)
  PluginRegistration (AkUInt32 in_ulCompanyID, AkUInt32 in_ulPluginID, AkCreateFileSourceCallback in_pCreateFile, AkCreateBankSourceCallback in_pCreateBank)

Public Attributes

PluginRegistration pNext
AkPluginType  m_eType
AkUInt32  m_ulCompanyID
AkUInt32  m_ulPluginID
AkCreatePluginCallback  m_pCreateFunc
AkCreateParamCallback  m_pCreateParamFunc
AkCreateFileSourceCallback  m_pFileCreateFunc
AkCreateBankSourceCallback  m_pBankCreateFunc
AkGlobalCallbackFunc  m_pRegisterCallback
void *  m_pRegisterCallbackCookie

Detailed Description

This class takes care of the registration of plug-ins in the Wwise engine. Plug-in developers must provide one instance of this class for each plug-in.

See also
How to Create Wwise Sound Engine Plug-ins

Definition at line 1413 of file IAkPlugin.h.

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