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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11
AK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkMap< Key, Arg_Key, Value, Arg_Value > Class Template Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned int  GetCount () const =0
virtual unsigned int  GetSize () const =0
virtual bool  IsEmpty () const =0
virtual bool  Lookup (Arg_Key in_key, Value &in_rValue) const =0
virtual Value &  operator[] (Arg_Key in_key)=0
virtual void  SetAt (Arg_Key in_key, Arg_Value in_newValue)=0
virtual bool  RemoveKey (Arg_Key in_key)=0
virtual void  RemoveAll ()=0
virtual AkPos  GetStartPosition () const =0
virtual void  GetNextAssoc (AkPos &in_rNextPosition, Key &in_rKey, Value &in_rValue) const =0

Detailed Description

template<class Key, class Arg_Key, class Value, class Arg_Value>
class AK.Wwise::SourceControlContainers::IAkMap< Key, Arg_Key, Value, Arg_Value >

Template parameters:

  • Key: Class of the object used as the map key.
  • Arg_Key: Data type used for Key arguments.
  • Value: Class of the object stored in the map.
  • Arg_Value: Data type used for Value arguments; usually a reference to Value.
The functions in this interface are not thread-safe, unless stated otherwise.
Note: The class implementing this interface is a wrapper around the MFC CMap class. Documentation can be found on MSDN.

Definition at line 102 of file SourceControlContainers.h.

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