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Wwise SDK 2018.1.11

◆ StdChannelIndexToDisplayIndex()

static unsigned int AK::StdChannelIndexToDisplayIndex ( AkChannelOrdering  in_eOrdering,
unsigned int  in_uChannelMask,
unsigned int  in_uChannelIdx 

Convert channel indices as they are ordered in standard (WAV) or Wwise sound engine (WEM) wave files (which follow channel mask bit values, except that the LFE is at the end in the case of WEMs) into display indices. Desired display order is L-R-C-SL-SR-RL-RR-HL-HR-HC-HRL-HRR-HRC-T-LFE. Note that 4-5.x configurations may define back or side channels. Either way they are "Surround" channels and are assigned to "SL, SR" names.

Definition at line 418 of file AkSpeakerConfig.h.

References AK_SPEAKER_LOW_FREQUENCY, AK_SPEAKER_SETUP_FRONT, ChannelMaskToNumChannels(), ChannelOrdering_Standard, and HasSideAndRearChannels().