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Wwise SDK 2019.2.15
Inheritance diagram for AkDbString< TAlloc, T_CHAR, tLock >:


struct   Entry
struct   Instance

Public Types

typedef AkDbString< TAlloc, T_CHAR, tLock >  tThis
typedef AkString< TAlloc, T_CHAR >  tString
typedef AkHashList< AkUInt32, Entry, TAlloc >  tStringTable

Public Member Functions

  AkDbString ()
  AkDbString (const tThis &in_fromDbStr)
template<typename TAlloc2 , typename T_CHAR2 >
  AkDbString (const AkString< TAlloc2, T_CHAR2 > &in_fromStr)
tThis operator= (const tThis &in_rhs)
template<typename TAlloc2 , typename T_CHAR2 >
tThis operator= (const AkString< TAlloc2, T_CHAR2 > &in_rhs)
template<typename T_CHAR2 >
tThis operator= (const T_CHAR2 *in_rhs)
  ~AkDbString ()
const T_CHAR *  Get () const

Static Public Member Functions

static AKRESULT  InitDB ()
static void  TermDB ()
static void  UnlockDB ()
static void  LockDB ()

Protected Member Functions

template<typename TAlloc2 , typename T_CHAR2 >
AKRESULT  Aquire (const AkString< TAlloc2, T_CHAR2 > &in_str)
AKRESULT  Aquire (AkUInt32 in_uHash)
void  Release ()

Protected Attributes

AkUInt32  m_uHash

Detailed Description

template<typename TAlloc, typename T_CHAR, typename tLock = AkNonThreaded>
class AkDbString< TAlloc, T_CHAR, tLock >

Definition at line 263 of file AkString.h.

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